Why is Falls Prevention important?

Falls amongst the over 65 age group are surprisingly common. In fact one-third of all over 65s will have at least one fall each year. These do not always result in an injury, but injuries from falls can have catastrophic effects. A fall can easily result in a fracture/broken bone, a head injury and/or a period of hospitalisation. Often it will affect confidence and activity levels, resulting in muscle weakness and reduced balance reactions, setting up a vicious cycle of reduced strength/balance/mobility and further falls. So a single fall can be the trigger that leads to a deterioration in a person’s ability to function, and in some cases lead to an early death. In fact, stats on fractured hips reveal that 12 months following a fractured hip, 50% of people are left with a permanent functional disability, 25% will require long-term care and 10-25% will have died. As you can see, given how common falls are, and the potentially devastating effects it can have, reducing the risk of falling is very important.

What can you expect from your assessment at The Falls Prevention Clinic?

Prior to your initial assessment, we will send you a questionnaire on your health and lifestyle, so we can better understand how your health and lifestyle will affect your falls risk. The initial assessment in the clinic, will be performed by a physiotherapist, taking 45-60 minutes and will include some clinical tests. Your physiotherapist will discuss what these findings mean for you and will give you a report of your findings to take home. Based on your assessment findings, your physiotherapist will recommend a course of action.

What to wear?

Please wear clothing suitable to doing some light exercise as we test your balance and mobility.

Do I need a referral?

Referrals are only necessary if you are a Department of Veterans’ Affairs client, or have been referred by your GP on a Chronic Disease Management Plan (formerly Enhanced Primary Care program). See how you may have your assessment and treatment fully covered by Medicare. Please bring your referral with you if it has not already been sent to us.

Can I claim a rebate from my private health fund?

You can claim a rebate from your health fund just like any other physiotherapy service, if you have the appropriate ancillary cover. The level of rebate will depend on which health fund you are with and the level of cover.