Lifestyle-integrated functional exercise

Recently, four of our physiotherapists, Anthony Imms, Meagan Moyle, Helen Stillitano and Lynsey Ross, attended the LiFE Instructor Course, and are now qualified instructors of this program. ‘LiFE’ stands for “Lifestyle-integrated Functional Exercise” and is a newly researched program shown to reduce the prevalence of falls. This program is more specifically for those people who struggle to complete exercises in the traditional manner or who find it difficult to adhere to exercise programs. In this program, exercises are linked into everyday activities like brushing your teeth or sitting down to eat lunch.  The idea being that you incorporate exercise into normal daily activities. This way, you complete small bits of exercise at a time, not a full set of exercises. However, over the whole day, you end up completing all the exercises required. 

At HomeCare, we are constantly upgrading our skills and knowledge base to be able to assist the wide range of people’s needs in our community.

Please ask your physiotherapist or call us at HomeCare for further information if you think this program is suited to you or a loved one.


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