Take your own Balance Screen

Balance Screening for those over 65:

  • Have you had a fall or near fall in the last 12 months?
  • Do you feel unsteady or dizzy if you make sudden movements such as bending down or turning quickly?
  • Do you take two or more of the following medications: Anti-depressants, sedatives/tranquilsers, Parkinson’s disease medication, opiods, anti-convulsants, diuretics, or cardiac medications?
  • Do you have reduced sensation in your feet or legs?
  • Have you had a stroke or other neurological problem that has affected your balance?
  • Do you feel unsteady walking or going up and down stairs?
  • Do you need to use your hands to get out of a chair?
  • Do you need a walking aid or to hold on to furniture when walking?
  • Can you not stand on 1 leg for more than 10 seconds?
  • Are you inactive? (Do you do 30 mins of walking/exercising on fewer than 3 times a week)?

If you answered yes, to one or more of the above questions you may have a balance problem and an increased risk of falling. A balance assessment by your physiotherapist is indicated.