The Falls Prevention Clinic was established to help address the very common and massively significant public health problem of falls amongst seniors in Perth. Falls frequently result in injuries, with approximately 10% of falls resulting in a serious injury such as a fracture or head injuries. Even minor falls will affect confidence, resulting in reduced activity levels, mobility, strength and balance. This has a significantly detrimental effect on independence and quality of life.

However, something can be done to reduce falls. There exists a significant body of evidence showing that intervention strategies are very effective in reducing the rate and risk of falls and the associated injuries. Run by physiotherapists trained and experienced in the area of falls prevention, The Falls Prevention Clinic is specifically for the over 65s who are the group at most risk of falls. Our aim is to keep you on your feet, so that you can continue to live a life as actively and independently as possible.

Our Mission

The Falls Prevention Clinic’s mission is to promote healthy and independent living amongst over 65s, through reducing falls and injuries associated with falls. We aim to achieve this by:

  • Increasing public awareness of falls amongst over 65s and falls prevention.
  • Providing a comprehensive, evidence-based falls prevention service, including assessment and intervention.
  • Promoting early assessment and intervention wherever possible.
  • Empowering individuals and promoting self-management to actively manage their own falls risks.